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標高: 3,193m




13 km


➚ 1670m    ➘ 1670m


2 Days






Kitadake, also known as Mt. Kita, is the second highest mountain in Japan, with spectacular views of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding southern Alps. Access is via a two hour bus from Kofu station as no private cars are allowed on the road. The road is very mountainous with many potholes and winding corners, those with travel sickness may need to consider anti-nausea medicine. There are two mountain huts offering rooms and campsites near the peak, the closest one is Kita-no-koya (Kitadake Shoulder Hut) which is only 30 mins from the peak. The itinerary listed here describes a loop hike that returns down a different trail on the second day, this includes some really cool terrain features and helps you to avoid the crowds on the main trail.


Some people like to extend this hike into multiple days to include the neighbouring peaks. One example is the Shirane Sanzan (Three White Peaks) which includes Ainodake (Japan's 4th highest mountain) and Notoridake (Japan's 15th highest mountain). The most common option is a 3 day hike including Ainodake, however, I do not recommend this option as the normal Kitadake hike is superior in terms of terrain and views.


Private vehicles are not allowed on the road so you will need to find parking in Kofu city and catch the bus from there.


The cheapest option is a direct bus to Kofu Station from Kyoto and Osaka. You can view all the details and make reservations here. It takes over 7 hours and the price ranges from ¥6,000 to ¥9,000.


There is a train that runs all the way to Kofu from Shinjuku station. It takes about 90 mins and costs around ¥2500 for a non-reserved seat.


Once you arrive at Kofu station you will need to take a bus to the trailhead. It takes 2 hours and is quite a bumpy ride up winding mountain roads. It costs ¥2000, you can view the timetable here.



Summer and autumn, from July to October, are the best time for this hike. There is likely to be snow hanging around until June, and starting again in October. The most amount of clouds and rainfall usually occurs in June and July. The autumn leaves will be colourful from mid-September to mid-October. 


The operating period for the two mountain huts fluctuates each year, but typically runs from the 21st of June to the 27th of October. The exact dates are published on their websites which are linked on this page. The Kitadake Shoulder Hut is about 35 mins from the peak, while the Kitadake Sanso is about 60 mins from the peak.

Sleeping for 1 night in the city of Kofu is a common option for hiking Kitadake, you can find the cheapest rates on, click here for a list of accommodation in Kofu.



​1 日目:  広河 北岳

所要時間: 7-8 hrs

距離:  6.6km

標高変化: ➚ 1660m 上昇   ➘ 180m 下降

From the bus stop at Hirogawara, walk up the road toward the bridge, cross the river and enter the campground where the trailhead is. This is also the best place to fill up with free water for the hike. After about 2 hours of climbing you'll reach the Shirane Oike mountain hut, this gives you more options if you want to plan a different itinerary. After another 2 hours you will reach the ridgeline and start to experience the incredible views of the southern Alps. From here it's only another 2 hours to reach the Kitadake Shoulder Hut. Depending on your time and the weather, drop some of your gear off here and head up to the peak of Kitadake for the sunset. The peak is only 30-40 minutes from the mountain hut.

kitadake twilght.jpg

​2 日目


​2 日目:  北岳 → 広河

所要時間:  7-8 時間

距離:  7.2 km

標高変化: ➚ 260m 上昇   ➘ 1750m 下降

For your second day, instead of returning down the standard out-and-back trail, it's much more enjoyable to hike around the peak and then down the valley. It doesn't add any extra time, includes much cooler terrain features, plus it's not as steep, so will be easier on your knees. I stumbled upon this detour while I was returning from the somewhat monotonous hike to Ainodake. This detour features a precarious (but safe) wooden boardwalk attached to rocky cliffs, some dramatic rock formations, and large ladders for some fun climbing. And, if you're hiking on one of the holidays or the weekend, this will help you avoid the crowds.

Wake up early and catch the incredible sunrise from the peak, hopefully you get beautiful weather and can see Mt. Fuji. After enjoying the views head down the other side of Kitadake until you reach an intersection, the trail on the left will take you alongside the mountain where the boardwalk is located. Follow this trail down toward the small neighbouring peak where you will find the ladders and the valley. Climb up the small peak for some nice views and then head back down into the valley for your final journey to the bus stop. Check the GPS map linked above for reference.

kitadake hike vert.jpg

北岳 肩の小屋


Kitadake hike elevation

​1 日目:  広河 → 北岳

​2 日目:  北岳 → 広河

Kitadake hike elevation







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kitadake hiking trail

難易度: 4/5

距離: 13 km

所要時間: 2 Days

標高変化: 1670m

都道府県:  山梨県

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