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Mt. Akagi

Elevation: 1828m




5.5 km

Elevation Change

 ➘ 550m


3-4 Hours




Camping & Hotels


Mt. Akagi is a dormant volcano in Gunma featuring the stunning Lake Onuma, which is a caldera surrounded by numerous peaks. The highest peak is Mt. Kurobi, which is a relatively easy hike through a beautiful natural forest filled with bamboo grass and beech trees. Mt. Akagi is one of the Hyakumeizan and is also featured in the cult-classic anime series Initial D, so it's a famous destination for car enthusiasts. It's a 2.5 hour drive from Tokyo which makes it perfect for day trips, and the relatively easy hiking makes it accessible for all skill levels.


Car: Mt. Akagi is about 3 hours drive from Tokyo, you can park next to the trailhead located here.

Train and Bus: There is a bus, however, it only runs from April to November on weekends and holidays. First catch a train to Maebashi Station in Gunma, from here you catch a bus bound for the Akagisan Visitor Center, the bus takes about 1.5 hours.

The first bus departs at 7:32am, you can confirm the latest timetable here.


There is a nice campsite right on Lake Onuma, and some Ryokans if you don't have a tent.


Trail Description

This trail can be completed in either direction, or you can choose to do an out-and-back hike instead of a loop if you don't like walking on roads. I you do the loop, you can detour through the Mt. Akagi Shrine for some nice views, plus the road walking here is not bad. Take note, however, that if you're aiming for the sunrise or sunset, the highest peak of Mt. Kurobi does not have any good views, which is an ironic phenomenon somewhat common on Japanese trails. Instead, you will find the best views on the way to Kurobi, at the first peak, Komagatake, which is only 50 mins from the trailhead.

Elevation Profile

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Weather  and  Seasons

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Spring, summer, and autumn are the best times for this hike, with the leaves becoming vibrant and green around June. Summer can be hot, but the peak will be about 8 degrees cooler than in the cities. Winter hiking is possible if you have experience with snow. The buses only run from April to November.


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Difficulty: 2/5

Hiking Distance: 5.5 km

Time: 4 hours

Elev. gain: 550m

Prefecture: Gunma

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