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Mt. Haruna (Mt. Akina)

Elevation: 1449m





Elevation Change

 ~ 350m


1-2 Hours




Camping & Hotels


Mt. Haruna is a stunning dormant volcano featuring a beautiful crater lake surrounded by multiple peaks. The prominent shapes of its alluring peaks can be seen from various cities in Gunma, and the area is popular for its onsen, water sports, and easy hiking trails. The mountain is also famous for car enthusiasts and underground racing culture. The anime series Initial D (1998-2014) refers to Mt. Haruna as Mt. Akina, and the winding mountain roads are where the main character, Takumi Fujiwara, hones his drift racing skills while delivering tofu every night to the hotel sitting on the lake. The series was co-produced with professional racing and drifting pioneer Keiichi Tsuchiya.

The hikes on Mt. Haruna are all relatively easy, the most common trail is up Mt. Haruna Fuji which also features a small ropeway, this little hike contains one of the most beautiful bamboo grass forests I've seen, which becomes vibrant and green during summer. The other peaks also offer spectacular views and interesting terrain, you can easily cover 4 hikes in one day here. I've selected 4 peaks for this guide based on my own experience and by checking the other peaks on Yamap. If you hike one of the peaks not mentioned here, and you think it's worth the time, let us know in the comments below.


Car: Mt. Haruna is about 3 hours drive from Tokyo, you can park next to the trailhead located here.

Train and Bus: You can reach Mt. Haruna from Tokyo Station with a train to Takasaki Station and then a bus to Mt. Haruna. The trains take under 3 hours using the shinkansen, with the total cost around 6-7000 yen. Google Maps provides you with the timetable, and the final bus stop is located at the visitor centre, next to the trailhead.

The first bus departs at 7:32am, you can confirm the latest timetable here.



Japanese Hiking Map:

There is a nice campground right on Lake Haruna, ryokans and hotels are also available if you don't have a tent.

Weather  and  Seasons

Spring, summer, and autumn are the best times for this hike, with the leaves becoming vibrant and green at the end of June. Summer can be hot, but the peak will be about 8 degrees cooler than in the cities. Winter hiking is possible if you have experience with snow. The buses only run from April to November.

Useful links


I​nitial D Youtube

​The Drift King

Trail Description

 Mt Haruna-Fuji 
Time: 50 mins (one-way)

Trailhead: Google Maps

The most popular trail, Haruna-Fuji, starts right next to the visitor centre, just one minute walk from the bus stop or campground. It takes about 50 mins to reach the top, and there's only one trail so no need to think about where to go. Once at the top, you can either hike back down or take the ropeway.

 Mt. Haruna (Kamongatake) 

Time: 2 hours (loop)

Trailheads: Yamap

The highest peak of Mt. Haruna is Kamongatake at 1449m. The hike up is very beautiful with a 5 minute detour that takes you to a large cliff face with a stunning view of Lake Haruna. This can be completed as a loop hike or an out-and-back trail, with multiple parking options available.


Time: 2 hours (out-and-back)

Trailhead: Google Maps

Meidake, part of the Futatsudake peaks, provides a unique view of Haruna so it's worth making your way here if you have a car. It can be done as a loop or an out-and-back trail. Take note, ten minutes before the peak you'l reach an intersection, but you should only focus on Meidake, the other peak contains a radio tower and no views.

 Mt. Soma 

Time: 2 hours (out-and-back)

Trailheads: Yamap

Mt. Soma is a holy peak next to the Futatsudake peaks, the trailhead features a torii gate which is noticeable when driving toward to visitor centre. Along with nice views, this trail is worth a visit for its long vertical ladders surrounded by the Japanese jungle.


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Difficulty: 2/5

Time: 1-2 hours

Trails: ~4

Elev. gain: 350m

Prefecture: Gunma

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