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Mt. Miune,  Shikoku

Elevation: 1955m




9 km

Elevation Change

➚ 960m    ➘ 960m


6 Hours




Mountain Huts


Mt. Miune is a magnificent mountain connected by a ridgeline that leads to the popular Mt. Tsurugi, or the quieter Mt. Tenguzuka, it also features one of the most picturesque mountain huts I've seen in Japan. It's an easy day hike which is best accessed via car, however, you can also catch a local bus that takes you to the trailhead located in a small settlement known as the 'scarecrow village'. The Miune mountain hut is free, but might be crowded on weekends. Also note, if you would like to extend this hike all the way to Mt. Tsurugi and stay at the Tsurugi mountain hut, then advanced bookings will be required on weekends and holidays.


Car: If you're using a car you can just park at the trailhead located here. Note, the mountain roads in Shikoku are notoriously windy and narrow, passengers may require motion sickness pills.

Train and Bus: You'll need to take 2 buses to get to the trailhead. Awa-Ikeda station tends to provide the easiest option. You'll find the bus times on Google Maps, here's a summary with links to each location:

Awa-Ikeda Station → Kubo → Mt. Miune Trailhead


Mt. Miune features a nice mountain hut, there is apparently a water spring just below the hut but it would be wise to bring extra if hiking during summer. It has space for about 20-25 people but no space for tents. There is a basic toilet. Free huts are maintained by the people that use them, so leave no trace. For those extending their hike to Mt. Tenguzuka, the Okameiwa hut offers a similar experience.


Trail Description

The trail up Mt. Miune is not too difficult and you can typically reach the top in under 3.5 hours. It begins in a mostly cedar forest with a nice amount of beech trees, it's common to see deer, and fencing has been installed in many areas to protect the vegetation. The trail is well marked and the kanji (三嶺) is easy to read so directions shouldn't be a problem. The final 30 mins of the ascent is the highlight, and it's worth venturing on to one of the nearby peaks if you're looking for a longer day-hike.

Elevation Profile

miune hike elevation.png

Weather  and  Seasons

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June to October, which includes late spring, summer, and early autumn, are the best times for this hike. Although summer is hot in Japan, once you're at the top, at 1893 meters Mt. Miune usually won't get above 28°C. However, hiking in summer can be exhausting so bring extra water.


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Difficulty: 3/5

Hiking Distance: 9.5 km

Time: 6 hours

Elev. gain: 960m

Prefecture: Tokushima

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